Developments in the Situation of Tajiks in Uzbekistan and the Security Approach of the Karimov and Mirziyoyev Administrations towards Them

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The Faculty of Law and Political Science at the University of Tehran


The Tajiks are one of the Aryan and Persian-speaking tribes that have been the subject of much debate in various sources since ancient times. The main roots of the Tajik people date back to the second millennium BC, when various Indo-European tribes settled and organized in the plains of Central Asia. The first information is from the 6th and 7th centuries BC, which refer to the settlement of Iranian ethnic groups in different parts of Central Asia. Hence, the issue of Tajik identity is a fundamental issue of the past and present. The present article attempts to analyze the situation of the Tajiks by focusing on historical and political analysis, and a theoretical study of the nation-state category. However, our assumption is that the situation for Tajiks is improving despite the pressures of the Soviet era and Karimov's rule. Our findings, given the manipulation of Tajik identity and geography by previous governments, show the same thing, namely the relative improvement of their situation in Uzbekistan. In fact, the purpose of this article is to answer the questions. What was the attitude of the Uzbek governments towards the Tajiks? Has the situation of Tajiks in Uzbekistan changed? In addition, what are the policies of the Tajik government towards Tajiks living in the neighbouring country?