About Journal

Recent developments and issues within the scope of the Russian Federation, Central Asia and the Caucasus have been monitored and analyzed through different means and strategies during last years. Taking long-term developments and outlooks for progress under consideration, as well as security and development, we can understand the significance of thorough and in-depth studies of this region. The importance in studying this particular region, which came into existence following the collapse of the Soviet Union, rests in the fact that the Islamic Republic of Iran shares a sizable geographic border with these nations.

The Journal of Iran and Central Eurasia Studies (JICES) is a semiannualy, peer-reviewed journal that seeks to advance knowledge and help the application of research findings to solve real-world problems of Central Eurasia by publishing high-quality articles. The editorial team of the JICES welcomes analytical and comparative research papers which help understanding of Central Eurasia and its relationship to other regions in historical, cultural, economic, social, political and military dimensions. We are looking forward to contributions by Iranian and non-Iranian social scientists and natural scientists.

Authors are invited to submit scholarly papers that explore the following topics: Regional security challenges, conflict management and conflict resolution, crisis prevention and management, the role of international and transnational institutions, foreign and defense policies of the regional states, Iran’s bilateral and multilateral relations with the Central Eurasian states, the role of the great powers in the region, disarmament and peace-building, terrorism and counter-terrorism, governance and sustainability, public sector management, public policy analysis, economic development, immigration, environmental issues, tourism and hospitality, culture and cultural practices, and welfare policies.

The Journal of Iran and Central Eurasia Studies is Published in cooperation with Iranian Regional Studies Association.