Peer Review Process

Paper Submission and Acceptance Criteria

The peer review is done in a Double Blind way.

  • Papers are submitted anonymously and author information is sent in a separate file via the journal website.
  • Initial review by expert.
  • Submitted papers not meeting authorship requirements will be returned to the authors within a week.
  • In the case that journal submission does not correspond with specified subject, the author will be contacted within a week.
  • The Editor-in-Chief pre-screens submissions to check that they comply with journal scope and match with the article classifications used by the journal.
  •  File archive created in system.
  • Appointment of reviewer by Editorial Board.
  • Paper is archived by name in appropriate file.
  • Electronic review form is posted on website.
  • Review form and anonymous article are electronically sent to reviewer through the website. In certain cases, hard copy is sent to reviewer.
  • Review file created online.
  • Weekly meetings to reject submissions that are out of the journal scope or of lower enough quality to not merit review to the Editor-in-Chief.
  •  Recommendations made by reviewers to the Editor-in-Chief and Director in order to facilitate editorial process.
  • Weekly reports to Editor-in-Chief for executive purposes.
  • Reviewer comments are forwarded to the authors.